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Lumio is the new way to go solar
(plus you get $1000 cash!)

Lumio handles everything for our customers—making solar easy and affordable. From design to financing, from permitting to utility company setup, we have you covered, and for a limited time, you can get a $1000 cash rebate when you get solar installed by Lumio.

  • Monthly savings
  • Tax credits
  • Incentives
  • Easy financing
  • Easy
  • Easy to qualify
  • Fast permitting
  • Inspection scheduling
  • Utility bill offset
  • Fast
  • Free design
  • Free engineering
  • Fast installation
  • Highest quality
  • Valuable
  • Increased equity
  • 25 year warranty
  • Low maintenance
  • Sustainability
  • Lumio Ace


    I'm your Lumio Ace

    Do you love calculating kilowatt hours, tracking your fridge's power consumption, or figuring out how to optimize inverter output? Yeah, I didn't think so. That would be weird.

    I take care of all of that for you.

    It's how Lumio is different. From the minute you reach out, I make sure your move to solar is easy, done right, and saves you money.

    Why everyone's switching


    You save money
    Lumio customers save money every month compared to the power bill.


    You get your power back
    Lumio customers don't suffer from grid issues, outages and rate hikes.


    You protect others
    Lumio customers make the air cleaner and breathing easier.


    You help the environment
    Lumio customers save about 1.5 tons of carbon emissions per year per home!

    It's a beautiful way to save

    No money down.

    Less than your power bill.

    Tax credits.

    State incentives.

    Easy approval.

    Good for the environment.

    Looks amazing.

    Friendzone your power company

    If you had the choice, you'd never do business with your power company. The pollution, the rate hikes, the lobbying, the rolling blackouts, the outdated grid. They have all the power, and you have no choice but to put up with them.

    The relationship is toxic. (see what we did there) But with solar from Lumio, the power company isn't your only option. 

    They keep asking for more money

    Did you know that in most states the power companies get to increase your rates every year by law? Their powerful lobbying ensures that they always get to ask for more, no matter the state of the economy.

    With Lumio, you'll never suffer from another rate hike again. Lumio customers pay a flat rate that saves them money every month when compared to their previous power bill. And when the system is totally paid for, it keeps generating power with no monthly cost!

    They shut off power

    Did you know that "rolling blackouts" are done on purpose? It's true! During times of high usage, power companies will shut off power to entire sections of the grid to eliminate overload and permanent damage. Crazy right?!

    But what about families who are struggling to pay their bills? Yeah, power companies shut off power for them too. It's ugly. 

    With Lumio, your power bill is safe, and if you add a battery backup system, you can keep your power going even if there's a blackout. 

    What about the environment?

    Coal-fired power plants emit one-fifth of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by humans—that's the biggest single polluter on the planet by far. Who wants to be going steady with that?

    Make your own sweet, sweet renewable energy with solar from Lumio and leave that toxic relationship behind.

    Real Success Stories

    Once I saw how power company rate increases would impact us year over year, solar from Lumio became an easy decision. Yes, we save monthly, but we literally save tens of thousands of dollars over the next twenty years because of Lumio. I should have gone solar a long time ago.

    Melissa A.

    Lumio Customer

    It's been a great experience. We're saving money every month and we didn't have to pay anything up front. Our monthly power bill is fixed and won't ever go up. That helps a lot when you're on a fixed income. It's a no-brainer. 

    Bonnie K.

    Lumio Customer

    My Lumio Ace walked me through everything and answered all of my questions. I actually tried to talk myself out of it, if I'm being honest, but it just made so much sense to move forward. Normalizing a part of my monthly budget is a huge thing and I couldn't be happier.

    Justin P.

    Lumio Customer

    Lumio makes it easy


    Contact Lumio
    • Book a call with an Ace
    • Text us
    • Or call


    We do all the work
    • We evaluate your power bill
    • We design your system
    • We navigate financing, permitting, installation, power company agreements, and more.


    You get the power
    • Your system produces the power you need, indefinitely
    • The power company credits you for excess power
    • You enjoy a 25 year warranty and support


    Want to meet with a Lumio Ace via Zoom? Book an appointment with a Lumio Ace today and you'll get a free energy use and solar size evaluation, savings estimate, finance approval estimate, and more. 

    Why homeowners like you are switching to solar with Lumio

    The grid is antiquated. It's overwhelmed. It's unreliable. It's expensive. And it's effecting all of us.

    But tens of thousands of people are switching to solar with Lumio. 

    • Lumio makes switching to solar easy
    • Lumio customers save money every month—and over time save tens of thousands
    • Most homes qualify
    • Your very own Lumio Ace guides you through the switch

    Frequently asked questions

    solar money

    How much will I save with Lumio solar?

    With compelling financing options, Lumio customers save 20% monthly when compared to their average power bill. Over time, all that savings adds up to tens of thousands of dollars or more.

    How much does it cost to go solar with Lumio?

    Solar systems are complex and we customize each system to each customer's needs, roof type, sun exposure and more. Your Lumio Ace will provide you with a complete workup of all costs, features, installation timelines, financing options, and everything else you need to switch to solar. The bottom line; Lumio customers save tens of thousands of dollars when compared to paying the power company.

    How does financing work?

    Lumio makes financing easy. Because our programs are so compelling, not everyone qualifies. But, your Lumio Ace will help you navigate the process to get the best financing possible. 

    solar install

    What is installation like?

    With Lumio it's easy! Our local crews know each market we serve—including roof types, permitting, inspections and more. We prepare your design, submit for permitting, install, and are with you all the way through the inspection and power turn on process.

    How many panels will I need?

    That depends on your roof angle, sun exposure, shading, and power consumption. But don't worry. Our engineers will evaluate your situation and design a custom solution just for you. Your Lumio Ace will work closely with you to ensure the design and plan are up to your expectations and enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

    How long does installation take? 

    Lumio offers the fastest quality install time of any major solar company. Your installation time will depend on where you live and your system design and roof. Usually the actual install takes just a day or two. Some municipalities offer same-day permitting—meaning your install could be complete within a week. Slower permitting delays installation, but with Lumio, you'll get faster, higher quality installation than anywhere else.

    solar value

    How will Lumio solar impact the value of my home?

    Across the U.S., the average increase in value from adding solar is 5%. Your local market will vary from that. But between monthly savings and avoiding rate increases, most homeowners realize tens of thousands of dollars in savings when compared to power company bills.

    How do tax credits and other incentives work?

    You'll want to consult with your tax advisor for details, but currently (2022) homeowners can file for a tax credit of up to 26% of the purchase price. Additional incentives from your power company, state, or municipality may be available.